The Advantages of Living Off Campus

Costs of living on campus compared to off campus living:

On Campus

  • Fall Semester Single*: $4071 approx
  • Spring Semester Single*: $4071 approx
  • Summer Rent: $0
  • 2 Semester Meal Plan: $3850
  • Utilities: $0

Total Cost for One Year on Campus:
Approximately $11,992

Off Campus

  • Fall Semester: $2500*
  • Spring Semester: $2500*
  • Summer Rent: $500
  • $2100 ($60 weekly grocery x 30 weeks)
  • Utilities: approx. $800 per year

Total Cost for One Year off Campus:
Approximately $8,400

As you can see, you can rent an off campus single for approximately $3500 less than a single on campus!

There are also other advantages besides saving $ MONEY $

As you can see, there really is no choice!! Off Campus is the only way to go!!

*Above costs are approximate. Prices will vary if utilities are included in rent. Rent is subject to change without notice.